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American Elite Telescoping Flagpole Kit


Introducing the American Elite Telescoping Flagpole Kit: the essence of American craftsmanship, this top-of-the-line flagpole is engineered for lasting strength and ease of use. Made in the USA, it features patented “Easy-Lock” and “Swivel Ring Systems” for a quick, secure setup and a tangle-free, elegant flag display. Constructed with robust 6000 Series Aluminum, this kit is designed for residential and light industrial use, 30% stronger than competitors.

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The American Elite is the pinnacle of telescoping flagpole quality in the industry. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by the leading and most renowned flagpole maker for both residential and commercial use. The American Elite Telescoping Flagpole Kit is crafted specifically with the residential user and light industrial applications in mind. With multiple design patents, it stands as the most durable and easiest-to-install telescoping flagpole available.

Our innovative "Easy-Lock" system allows for swift raising and lowering of the flagpole, while the "Swivel Ring System" enables the flag to rotate freely, ensuring an elegant and tangle-free display. The 6000 Series Aluminum Shafts are 30% stronger than those of our competitors, ensuring longevity and resilience.

The patented "Easy-Lock" System allows for quick and hassle-free extension, firmly securing each section. This eliminates the need for aligning arrows or pushing hard pins—achieve full extension in mere seconds. The Swivel Ring System offers a sleek, noiseless, and tangle-free experience, without the clanging of hardware or the wear and tangling of rope halyards.

Your shipment arrives complete with all necessary accessories and a U.S. Flag, ensuring you have everything required for proper setup. The Flagpole Kit includes the following:

  • Telescoping Anodized Aluminum Flagpole Shaft with T6 Temper
  • Swivel Rings with Flagsnaps to fly one or two flags
  • An additional Swivel Ring for half-mast display
  • Ground Sleeve
  • Gold Ball Finial
  • 3' x 5' U.S. Nylon Flag, double-stitched with embroidered stars

As standard features, our Split Ring Swivels are constructed of Lexan polycarbonate equipped with UV blockers for enhanced durability.

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