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How It All Started

My journey into the flagpole business began unexpectedly in May 2016 while I was renovating my basement. As I worked, my attention was caught by a radio show where a caller inquired about who to contact for flagpole installation. This sparked a lively debate among listeners, with recommendations for various installers being hotly contested—endorsed by one, disparaged by another. It was evident that there was no consensus, and some suggested businesses had even closed down years prior.

Amid the exchange, one thing stood out: the callers were unified in their pursuit of quality. They weren’t seeking just anyone who could install a flagpole as an afterthought. They wanted a genuine specialist—someone with expertise who could ensure the right flagpole was positioned perfectly to proudly display their flags.

In the weeks that followed, flagpoles seemed to be everywhere—gracing backyards, adorning the fronts of houses, businesses, and adorning government buildings. The idea of becoming North Dakota’s go-to “flagpole guy” began to take root in my mind, spurred on by my supportive wife, Brenda.

Embracing the role, I took the plunge. With Brenda’s encouragement, I secured my business license, and almost serendipitously, ‘US Flagpole Guy’ landed its inaugural job. From that moment on, I was committed to helping others fly their flags with pride and professionalism.

Proud History of Flag Service

The legacy of the stars and stripes runs deep in my veins, and it goes beyond my time as a US Marine. My direct ancestor, Captain Abraham Swartwout, generously contributed the blue from his cloak for the flag of the Second Continental Congress. This very blue held the stars representing the original 13 colonies.

Throughout history, several Swartwouts, even with variations in the surname, proudly served under George Washington and in different branches of the US military. Building on this heritage, I’ve installed over 100 flag poles in the past year, striving to honor our nation and our ancestors by raising as many American flags as I can.

As the go-to flagpole expert in North Dakota and hopefully soon the whole country, the joy I witness on my customers’ faces as their flag flutters atop a new pole for the first time is unparalleled. Whether it’s the iconic Old Glory, the state flag, a military branch emblem, or the POW/MIA flag, I’m honored to help them celebrate their pride and memories. If you’re looking to make such a statement, I hope you’ll reach out. Let’s fly your flag with pride.

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