Flag Retirement, When Repair Is No Longer an Option

US Flagpole Guy proudly offers our “Flag Over Vets” program for flag retirement.

Please send your flag to this address:

Bennett-Barz Funeral Home
Attn. Flag Retirement
1417 Beulah Hwy
Beulah, MI 49617

When the time comes that your American flag can no longer be mended and must be retired, we stand ready to ensure it is done with the dignity and respect determined by the United States Flag Code. Should your flag reach the end of its service, please reach out to us for its proper retirement.

To facilitate this, when you purchase an American flag from our store, we offer a service for its respectful disposal. For online purchases, we will provide a prepaid postage box for you to return your flag to a place where it will be honored in its final rest.

For those who choose our flag store, there’s the option to request a return box along with your purchase. This service allows you to effortlessly transition from your weathered standard to a crisp new banner, ensuring continuity of honor and pride.

Our commitment to the American flag extends through its entire lifecycle—from its inaugural flutter to its solemn retirement. Let us assist you in bestowing upon your flag the respect it deserves. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your flag in every season of its journey.


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