Flag Maintenance

Flag maintenance goes beyond simple repairs; it encompasses a comprehensive flag management system designed to maintain flags throughout their lifecycle, including proactive flag repair and retirement planning.


Before a flag ever catches the wind, we take preemptive steps to ensure its durability. A specialized sewing technique is applied to the flag’s corners, reinforcing its most vulnerable points. This stitch, devised by a seasoned seamstress with extensive experience in flag craftsmanship, ensures longevity from the moment the flag is raised.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Our scheduled flag maintenance service involves regular inspections and repairs. Flags are rotated out of service for cleaning and hemming, preventing them from becoming worn or tattered. This proactive approach not only preserves the flag’s integrity but also its symbolic value.

Wash and Hem:

Cleaning the flag removes environmental residues like dirt and grime, while conditioning strengthens the fabric. The hemming process extends the flag’s service life and is repeated as necessary until the flag no longer meets official size standards as per flag code.

Flag Retirement:

When a flag has served its full term and can no longer be displayed with the dignity it deserves, we retire it in accordance with the flag code. Retirement options include honorable cremation ceremonies for veterans or a dignified burning ceremony.

Flag Management for Larger Flags:
While the economic benefits of flag management are more evident with larger flags due to their value, we believe in the respectful treatment of all flags, regardless of size.

Flag Health Plans:

We offer flag health plans that ensure both exceptional flag performance and adherence to the principles of respect and honor. With our services, you can rest assured that the flag you fly is always in pristine condition.

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